Listing Policy

As a condition of use of, you confirm and declare that at least you are 16 years of age. You agree that you shall not post any information related to sale/purchase/services and content that are illegal under the laws of Nepal Government. You must not violate as per the prohibited items policy by . You are responsible solely for all information and other ad posts that you submit to BazarExchange and any consequences that may result from your ad post. 

Specifically prohibit any posting of ad-posts / information in relation to the following items:

  1. Counterfeit, Pirated and stolen goods or unauthorized illegal services.
  2. Prostitution: Any service which violates the women standards of morality in Nepali Society and which violates the laws of Nepal Government.
  3. Alcoholic Beverage, Hazardous chemicals, pesticides, tobacco, drugs, narcotics, intoxicant of any description, unprescribed medicines and other curative substances shall not be shared or provide any links related to it and must not post any medic related which is not authorized by the Government of Nepal.
  4. Religious items like antique Statues, antique books, artifacts, any religious information which could affect the religious sentiments, caste discrimination.
  5. Adult Movies which do not have a certificate for public exhibition.
  6. Information that are threatening, fraudulent, misrepresenting or abusive in nature.
  7. Explosives, Destructive devices, Weapons like ammunition, guns, bullets, tear gas and other illegal items(According to Nepal Government) related to military.
  8. Multilevel marketing and Networking Business.
  9. Any posts which breaches Nepal Government Rules and Policies.
  10. Selling body parts / bodily fluids, adoption or Surrogacy


Listing Policy:

- Do not post any spam, illegal or any referral ads, if found your account will be blocked or deleted.

- Multiple ads for same products or services will not be entertained.

- Strictly prohibited on using porn on any ad post, if found, account will be permanently blocked and deleted.

- Mobile numbers, price, gimmicks will not be appreciable on Title.

- When replying the poster, no slang words should be used, if it is report as spam and found as it reports, account will be deleted.

- Inappropriate language, Inappropriate images must not be used.

- No discriminatory on race / religion / nationality / gender. reserves the right to remove any ad that we feel is not relevant, or of value to the BazarExchange community, with or without notice to the ad poster.