If 1000 point Get Rs.250
If 2000 point Get Rs.500
If 3000 point Get Rs. 800
If 5000 point Get Rs.1200
If 8,000 point Get Rs.2,500
If 25,000 point Get Rs.10,000
If 70,000 point Get Rs.50,000
If 1,50,000 points Get Rs.1 Lakh
If 6,00,000 points Get Rs.5 Lakh


 For Example:

If you have collected 10,00,000 reward points in your, you get Rs. 1 lakh Cash Prize.

You have the option to either redeem the reward points you have collected or can keep accumulating the points to receive a higher valued gift voucher.

Once your reward point has been redeemed, your reward point will be brought back to zero and it will increase as you go on doing the transaction.

To redeem your reward points, please send us your email at or give us a call at +977-9819802573

Once you redeem your reward points and choose the Cash Prize, it is non-refundable and you will have to collect your Cash within a month from the time we contact you. When you come to collect your Cash, you are required to bring photo identification along with yourself (Driver's license, passport or citizenship certificate)



 1. How can I increase my reward points?

     Your reward point increases as you go on doing the Post Ad & View others Ad with Bazar Exchange App or website.

 2. Can I get reward points on every service of Bazar Exchange?

     No, You Just Got Reward Points with these;-

     Post Ad

     Registration Account

     Share App with social Media

     Refer Friend 

     Video Ads Post 

     Video Like 

     Buyer Need Post 

     Winner bonus Point 

     Featured & Hots Ads Post Point 

     Target Meet 


 3. Can I transfer my reward points to another Bazar Exchange user?

     No, the reward points are non-transferrable and can only be redeemed by you from your account.

 4. Where do I come to collect the Cash?

     You are required to come to our head office at Gowarko to collect your Cash.

 5. Will I lose my reward points if I don't redeem it for a longer period?

     No, your reward points will remain in your Bazar exchange account regardless of the time.

 6. How can I check my reward points balance?

     Log on to your Bazar Exchange account and on your Setting Page, you can find your reward points.

 7. How long should I wait to receive my Cash after I redeem my points?

     You will receive a call from us; it will take up to 1-2 working days to get your Cash.

 8. Can I redeem my reward point partially?

     Yes. You have the option to redeem your reward points partially or wholly.

      To redeem your reward points, at minimum you must have 1000 points.

      For Eg: If you have 5000 reward points collected in your Bazar Exchange account, you have the option to either redeem         1000 points at a time or the full 5000 points.

 9. Is the reward point redeemable for Gift?

     No, the reward point is not redeemable for Gift.



Bazar Exchange is one of Nepal leading online marketplace providing buyers and sellers a structured platform for transacting in new and used Product. Since its inception in 2017, we have expanded our offerings allover Nepal with a strong network of more than million Users.

Why Bazar Exchange?

We all have second hand, used, unused, working, mint condition products lying around in the house, in the office, or parked outside the house. However, it's only when someone wants to sell those things or rent them, then one realizes how difficult it is to actually sell those because:

Your friend and their friends already have those products.You really don't have time to publicize it enough. The newspaper classified are too costly and generally don't help much. Some websites offer to list them as a text based posts that can't be search well or presented well. Those websites are focused on something else like news, politics, events, and what not? There you'll find browsers, not a determined buyer !

Sounds familiar,

It does to thousands of users of,

And that's why we are here:

To provide a social service to people where they can sell, buy or rent. People can help other people by donating their unused stuff, Recycle the waste to avoid pollution of the earth, Extend product life cycle,Want people to save money.

 Please join us, team is aiming to provide these unique solutions to help everyone.