Kunwar G Bdr 2 aana ma vana 2.5 tala ko ghar( 5 room, 2 bathroom, 1 kitchen) jaaga ko rate sale gardai, au area ma jagga rate . Aana ko 42 Lakh per aana cha. My selling price is 92 lakh fixed price for immediate buyer. Money problem huna lale sale garna lako,Ghar ko aagna bata Hightension ko tar gako cha ghar lai touch hundiana, purai mapdanda anusar ghar vane ko,ghar sampana vayesake ko,tei veyera sasto Price ma Dina lako ko, 1 crore 20 Lakh parne ghar only at 92 Lakh fixed price Location - 100 m from main road.(1 min walking Distance) near sano Pool, pargati Chowk, Center point of Makalbari Ghar sampana vaye sakeko, water, dhal, solar, 4-5 bike parking, peaceful environment. Only serious buyer - 9823857002 (cal/viber/whatsapp) 1st Floor - 481 sqft 2 nd Floor - 481 sqft 3rd Floor - 232 sqft Total - 1194 sqft Room - 5, Bathroom -2, Kitchen-1 Nowadays Market rate 1194 sqft x Rs 3500 per sqft = Rs 4179000. Comparing the land price & house costing price , 92 lakh is very reasonable.

Makalbari Jorpati House On Sale

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